Thomas Bruhn

Thomas Bruhn

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Diplompädagoge (= qualified educationalist)  from the Goethe University at Frankfurt/Main

Postgraduate Health Care & Management in Tropical Countries

Lecturer (Lehrbeauftragter) for intercultural competencies & communication in Germany, China and Myanmar

Licensed for: Intercultural Readiness Check 

BAMF Zulassungsnummer für Lehrtätigkeit: 82643.   

Coach and Welcome Advisor.

Teacher for ETB (English Through Buddhism)


Bruhn, Thomas; Meditatives Entspannungstraining in einer Rehabilitationsklinik; in: Prävention – Zeitschrift für Gesundheitserziehung, Heft 3/86

Bruhn, Thomas: Meditative relaxation training in a rehabilitation clinic; in: Vipassanā Research Journal, Vol.1, number 2, 1987

Bruhn, Thomas; Theorie und Praxis der Atmungsachtsamkeit; in: K.- E. Bühler und E. Wolz-Gottwald; Therapie und Spiritualität, Gladenbach, 1989

Bruhn, Thomas; Theravāda Buddhismus und politisches Engagement in Deutschland – passt das zusammen? 2010, ISBN  978383915611 7

Bruhn, Thomas; Theravāda Buddhismus und politisches Engagement in Myanmar – passt das zusammen? in: Südostasien 3/2014, Zeitschrift für Politik, Kultur, Dialog

Bruhn, Thomas; Earning merits – an ancient practise of the citizen of Myanmar applied in modern Myanmar society: presented at the „Interdisziplinäre Myanmar-Konferenz 2017“  (16.- 18.6. 2017 in Bonn, Germany)

Steffen Schödwell, Theresa Steinhäuser & Anna Auckenthaler; Challenges for Myanmar Health Care Professionals in the treatment of Depressive Symptoms, with a brief additional survey on Theravāda Buddhist Mental Health Concepts from Thomas Bruhn:  presented at the „Interdisziplinäre Myanmar-Konferenz 2017“  (16.- 18.6. 2017 in Bonn, Germany)

Bruhn, Thomas; Earning merits – an ancient and current practise of the citizen of Myanmar: presented at the 10th International Convention of Asia Scholars ICAS 10 in Chiang Mai, Thailand from 20-23 July 2017.

Bruhn, Thomas; Making merits (puñña) in modern Myanmar society – will it stand the test of time? presented at the 2nd International Conference on Burma/Myanmar Studies (ICBMSII), University of Mandalay, Myanmar; 16- 18 February 2018 see:

Bruhn, Thomas; The practise of making merits in Myanmar – is there a generation gap? A case study. Paper presented at the13th International Burma Studies Conference in Bangkok, 3.- 5. August.2018 see:

Bruhn, Thomas; Can the “fourfold cause of matter” according to Theravāda Buddhism provide new insights for the clinical setting with psychosomatic patients in Myanmar? Paper presented at the 18th International Congress of the Pacific Rim College of Psychiatrists (PRCP) in Yangon, Myanmar,  26. – 28. October 2018….see: PRCP 2018-converted-2

Bruhn, Thomas; Myanmar Buddhist in Frankfurt/Germany – do they practise their religion in diaspora?  Paper ID: 539446, presented at the 11th International Convention of Asia Scholars (ICAS) in Leiden, Netherlands, 16 -19 July 2019. see: Abstract-converted (1)

Bruhn, Thomas; The importance of the MAHĀ MAṄGALA SUTTA and the 10 Pāramī for the day to day life of the young generation;  presented at the 2nd European Buddhist Youth Forum on 26th July 2019.

Bruhn, Thomas; Verdienste erwerben, unpublished, see: 

Bruhn, Thomas; A Summary of Mahāthera Ledi Sayadaw Bodhipakkhiyādhammādīpanī see pdf file: Bodhipakkhiyādhammādīpanī-konvertiert (6)

Bruhn, Thomas; A Summary of : A Manual of the Excellent Man, Uttamapurisa Dīpanī, Mahāthera Ledi Sayadaw, Aggamahāpaṇḍita, D.LittA Manual of the Excellent Man

What I learned during covid 19 about Paṭṭhāna : Bruhn, Thomas

Research Paper presented at the 7th International Conference of the Sri Lanka Association of Buddhist Studies. Bruhn, Thomas; Ānāpāna sati: confusion in the West is not uncommon.

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